Advisory committee


  • Professor Petter Erling Bjørstad, UiB
  • Professor (emeritus) Stein Evensen, UiO.
  • Professor (emeritus) Tore Lindmo,  NTNU
  • Professor Ingunn Lunde, UiB
  • Professor Vidar Martin Steen, UiB
  • Professor Øyvind Østerud, UiO

The committee has the following scope and mandate:

  1. The Committee shall advise the board regarding new programs and initiatives which the foundation may engage in, in accordance with its articles of association
  2. The Committee shall take part in the overall evaluation of applications, and will in this work make use of external expert assessments
  3. The Committee shall, on the basis of the above, make recommendations to the foundation’s board regarding the ranking of projects proposed for support
  4. The Committee shall also take part in the assessment of the progress of ongoing projects and report back to the foundation’s board
  5. The Foundation’s business manager is the committee secretary and may convene all or part of the committee members depending on the need for specialist expertise


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