A more efficient and gentle treatment of cancer

September 22, 2016

When Kristian Ytre-Hauge worked on his master’s thesis, he never dreamed of being one of those bringing the technology to Bergen.

In an article at uib.no Kristian Ytre-Hauge tells about his research and the effort to build competence and prepare for clinical use of  particle therapy in Bergen:

In 2014 he was awarded 8 million NOK (approximately 865 000 Euros) by the Bergen Research Foundation (BFS), and appointed leader of a research project on particle therapy. The goal is to offer a gentler radiation treatment to patients.

The money granted by BFS makes it possible to establish a broad field of research on particle therapy, involving several PhD candidates and researchers from UiB and Haukeland University Hospital.

“This is a field which demands team players. There are so many aspects to particle therapy, from developing better imaging methods, to controlling treatment and perform research on the biological effects. You need an interdisciplinary approach to succeed,” he says.

Read the article at UiB.no

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