Criminal Law Theory – A New Norwegian Approach

February 20, 2013

This programme aims at developing a theoretical foundation for the Norwegian criminal law science by supplying it with analysis of core concept and principles that not yet have been given sufficient attention within this traditionally pragmatically oriented discipline.

The programme is, in order to fulfil this aim, constituted on a strong interest in explicating a theoretically-oriented methodological foundation for the Norwegian criminal law science, as an alternative to the dominating pragmatic approach. This methodological matter is a common interest to the participants in the programme. Further, the programme is currently composed of three post.doc.-positions, which each is oriented towards the study of core elements of the criminal law. The three projects are respectively studying the concept of crime, the concept of a criminal justice system, and the concept of the criminal procedure.

The research group is currently consisting of, in addition to the project leader, Juris. Dr. Linda Gröning, joining the programme from Lunds University, Sweden, and Dr. Jur. Joanna Beata Banach-Gutierrez, from the University of Opole, Poland.
A central motivation for the location of the programme to the Faculty of Law, UiB, is, in addition to the many qualities of this institution and of the UiB in general, the strong research environment in criminal law that is developing here.

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Name: Jørn Jacobsen
Age: 32 years
PhD: PhD 2009 (Faculty of Law, UiB). Thesis: “Fragment til forståing av den rettsstatlege strafferetten” (criminal law).
Citizenship: Norwegian
Department: Faculty of Law, University of Bergen.
Grant from BFS: 3.650.000 NOK
Additional funding: 3.650.000 NOK
Start: 2009
Web: Project webpage

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