In vivo Imaging of Cancer – Diagnostic and Pharmaceutical Imaging

February 20, 2013

Technological advances have identified differentially expressed proteins and genes unearthing many new targets in a wide variety of cancers. However, the methods employed to authenticate these targets in vivo tend to be protracted with preclinical validation remaining the rate-limiting step.

Preclinical molecular imaging of specific disease processes in clinically relevant animal models provides more intuitive data of all aspects of drug pharmacology. Thus, the aims of this project are to aid acceleration of new drug validation and imaging agents that provide better contrast between normal and disease pathologies. This will be achieved through the development of more relevant preclinical models of cancer and employment of different imaging modes.

The imaging platforms at UiBs Haukeland campus in addition to state-of-the-art preclinical facilities provides an exciting environment for the development of this project.

Name: Emmet Mc Cormack
Age: 33 years
PhD: Ph.d. fra School of Pharmacy (Dept. of Pharmacognosy) ved Trinity College i Dublin i Irland (2003)
Citizenship: Irish
Department: Institutt for indremedisin, Universitetet i Bergen
Grant from BFS: 8.000.000 NOK
Addtional funding: 8.000.000 NOK
Project start:
Autumn/ winter 2010

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