Super Intense Laser-Molecule Interactions (SILMI)

February 20, 2013

In the SILMI project we focus on the development of theory to describe the time dependent behavior of matter interacting with superintense laser fields produced at facilities currently being developed worldwide. Experimental results in this regime are extremely difficult to interpret, due to the complex dynamical interactions of the material constituents.

The main objective of the project is to explore the fundamental behavior of (small) atoms and molecules subjected to the coherent radiation from these light sources. We accomplish this both by performing sophisticated quantum simulations on supercomputers, and by developing simplified model systems.

The SILMI project is leaded by researcher Morten Førre, and involves one postdoc position (Raymond Nepstad) and three PhD positions (Ingjald Pilskog, Stian Astad Sørngård and Sigurd Askeland), in addition to 1-3 master students.


Stian Astad Sørngård, Morten Førre (PI), Raymond Nepstad, Sigurd Askeland og Ingjald Pilskog

Navn: Morten Førre
Age at project start: 33 years
Doktorgrad: Phd, 2004, UoB: “On the dynamics of excited atoms in time dependent electromagnetic fields”
Statsborgerskap: Norsk
Institutt/fakultet Department of Physics and Technology
Bevilgning fra BFS: 6,748,000 NOK
Egenandel: 6,748,000 NOK
Start-/sluttår for prosjektet: 2008-2012
Web: Link to project web site

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